"Denkräume. Von Orten und Ideen" 
anthology; ed. w. S. Jung

July 2020
Rowohlt Verlag, Germany
published in German

"Wir alles, wir nichts" 

January 2018
Qantor Verlag, Vienna
published in German

Essays & Articles 

"Melora Kuhn: Tales from the Dark"

Text for New York artist Melora Kuhn's new exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART in Leipzig, June 2021 (published in English and in German).

"Nature as Art"

Article about Christoph Heilmann and his collection on display at Lenbachhaus München. In: FORUM. Magazine for scholarship holders of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, p. 52-55 (published in German).

"Hannah Arendt and World War I: On Statelessness and the Rise of Totalitarian Regimes" 

For "Amor Mundi" at Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College, November 2020.

"Arendt, Hölderlin, and their perception of Schicksal"

In: Hannah Arendt Journal of Bard College, Volume VIII, 2020, p. 122-135.

My first novel ("Wir alles, wir nichts") was published in 2017 and my latest publication is an anthology titled "Denkräume. Von Orten und Ideen" (Rowohlt Publishing House, 2020). 

I was born and brought up in Germany and while my fiction writing has been mostly in German, I increasingly work on projects in English as well. As a translator, I specialize in texts from English to German. I live in New York.

For questions in regards to my writing and translation work, please contact me here.