My first novel ("Wir alles, wir nichts") was published in 2018, and my most recent publication is an anthology entitled "Denkräume. Von Orten und Ideen" (Rowohlt Publishing House, 2020). 

I was born and raised in Germany, and while I have written most of my fiction in German, I am increasingly working on projects in English as well. Currently, I work on a collection of short stories.

As a translator, I specialize in texts from English into German. I live in New York.

If you have any questions about my work as a writer and translator, you can contact me here.

Coming Soon:

Fall 2023 | Travel, Women's History

Walking Herstory
New York City

The naming of places, their explanation, and the ascription of significance fundamentally change our perception: an old stone house becomes the birthplace of a beloved writer and therefore, the very beginning of their oeuvre; a simple park becomes a place of protest, history written. Places are now a symbol of freedom, justice, equality, and creativity. Through carefully curated walks, we highlight and celebrate women’s herstory: from Zora Neal Hurston's trailblazing anthropological spirit in Harlem to designer Maya Lin's immersive architecture in Chinatown, we take you on a walk that will inspire your next adventure.

Ig Publishing, New York City

Spring 2023 | Comparative Literature, German Studies

Natur und Nation. Landschaft als Ausdruck nationaler Identität – der Rhein und der Hudson River
[published in German]

Wie wurden im 19. Jahrhundert Nationalstaaten über ihre Identifikation mit Natur konstruiert? Die deutschsprachigen Gebiete sowie die Vereinigten Staaten erlebten von 1800 bis 1900 ein Kräfteziehen zwischen national-konservativen und freiheitlichen Gruppierungen, die in Kriege und Revolutionen mündeten. Dabei spielte in beiden Ländern ein Fluss eine entscheidende Rolle — der Rhein und der Hudson River, die aus historischer Sicht auch miteinander verknüpft sind. Ein literarischer Streifzug mit Texten von u. a. Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Friedrich Hölderlin und Heinrich Heine untersucht den ideologischen Wandel und die Rolle der Flusslandschaften in der Konstruktion von nationaler Identität.

Königshausen & Neumann


"Denkräume. Von Orten und Ideen" 
anthology; ed. w. S. Jung

July 2020
Rowohlt Verlag, Germany
published in German

"Wir alles, wir nichts" 

January 2018
Qantor Verlag, Vienna
published in German

Essays & Articles 

"Melora Kuhn: Tales from the Dark"

Text for New York artist Melora Kuhn's new exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART in Leipzig, June 2021 (published in English and in German).

"Nature as Art"

Article about Christoph Heilmann and his collection on display at Lenbachhaus München. In: FORUM. Magazine for scholarship holders of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, p. 52-55 (published in German).

"Hannah Arendt and World War I: On Statelessness and the Rise of Totalitarian Regimes" 

For "Amor Mundi" at Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College, November 2020.

"Arendt, Hölderlin, and their perception of Schicksal"

In: Hannah Arendt Journal of Bard College, Volume VIII, 2020, p. 122-135.


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