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Women Imprint's core mission lies in fostering greater representation of women creatives in the public space.

Women Imprint is an independent U.S.-based nonprofit organization founded by art historian Kaitlyn Allen and myself in 2021. It documents the imprint of women whose lives and actions continue to inspire today. We do this by creating carefully curated walking tours of women's history, through a podcast, and through community outreach. 

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Walking Herstory

The naming of places, their explanation, and the ascription of significance fundamentally change our perception: an old stone house becomes the birthplace of a beloved writer and therefore, the very beginning of their oeuvre; a simple park becomes a place of protest, history written. Places are now a symbol of freedom, justice, equality, and creativity. Through carefully curated walks, we highlight and celebrate women’s herstory. From Zora Neal Hurston's trailblazing anthropological spirit in Harlem to designer Maya Lin's immersive architecture in Chinatown, we take you on a walk that will inspire your next adventure.

Illustrations by Aja O'Han

Podcast: Portrait Series

We record female creatives by interviewing women working today in our "Portrait Series". Through these conversations, Women Imprint facilitates the archiving of personal biographies that come to life through the creative’s own voice. Ownership and interpretation of personal history is to Women Imprint a right and "Portrait Series" therefore an archival mission in our strategy for change. Available on Spotify, iTunes, and Podbean.

Community Outreach 

As a nonprofit, contributing to our communities' well-being is a cornerstone of our mission. Through our outreach program, we specifically work with girls and women, oftentimes in collaboration with other institutions. Our goals are, among others, to give educational support and help uproot poverty on a larger scale, to inspire and uplift, and to bring joy. Through this program, we aim to create a space where our participants feel like they are not alone in their journey.


Women Imprint was founded by art historian Kaitlyn Allen and myself and became a nonprofit organization in 2021. Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision and ran with it. From the very beginning in 2017, we have grown into a beautiful, creative, and inspiring organization with board members, interns, volunteers, and collaborators such as activists, artists, researchers, and podcasters nationwide. It's an immense honor being part of this project and working alongside Kaitlyn and everyone else who has joined our journey.

A selection of my interviews for our Podcast "Portrait Series"

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Episode 12 - June 2021: Alanna Morris Van Tassel

Join me as I talk with Brooklyn-born dancer, choreographer, educator, and artist organizer Alanna Morris Van Tassel about their upbringing and early dance education, finding their own artistic voice, about all the different aspects of their career as an organizer, educator, and creative person, about the importance of community and the language of dance. 

Episode 6 - November 2020: Melora Kuhn

Join me as I speak with the artist Melora Kuhn in her studio in Upstate New York about the creative process, inspiration, nature in the Hudson Valley, and her national and international exhibitions.

Episode 1 - May 2020: Iman Humaydan

Join me as I talk with Paris-based writer Iman Humaydan about her work as a writer and scholar, the status of women in Lebanon and in France, and writing in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Women Imprint is a U.S.-based Nonprofit Organization with offices in New York and Asheville, North Carolina. 

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